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  • Bicycle parts turned into cute dogs, turning waste into treasures, but an artist’s skill

    Bicycle parts turned into cute dogs, turning waste into treasures, but an artist’s skill

    What should I do if the bicycle chain is broken? Of course they were thrown away for new ones, but in the hands of the Israeli artist Nirit Levav, these discarded parts were welded together and transformed into a cute dog sculpture created for her “HOW! WOW!” series . Lavaff was origi...
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  • How to prevent injuries in outdoor sports?

    How to prevent injuries in outdoor sports? Improper outdoor exercise may cause sports injuries such as muscle and ligament strain and joint sprain. How can we prevent these injuries, and how should we give first aid to sports injuries? Reasonable exercise load Sports system strain is mostly cause...
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  • What are the names of the parts on the bicycle?

    Bicycle parts can be divided into: frame, tire, pedal parts, front fork assembly, chain, flywheel, etc. 1. Among the 25 accessories such as the frame, tires, pedals, brakes, and chains of a self-propelled dao, one of the basic components is indispensable. Among them, the frame is the skeleton of ...
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  • The Coastal Electric Bike Expo will be held in Stratham on October 13th

    You have seen them pass by, the rider easily stepped on them, and wondered what it would be like to ride an electric bike. Don’t be surprised. On October 13 (Sunday) 11 am to 2 pm, try electric bikes at the Seacoast Electric Bike Expo in Stratham Hill Park Most electric bicycles are “...
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  • 2021 Factor Ostro | New “Ultra Light Aero Race Bike”

    Described as a “thriller killer” bike, Factor says it is as good on pebbles as on the mountain Recently, this bike was used by riders of the Israeli start-up national team during the first week of the 2020 Tour de France. As we initially speculated, Ostro incorporates the functions of...
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  • The days to come: the rise and fall of spine bikes

    In the past, bicycles were almost always made of steel. Of course, there were already opportunities for wood (Elliott Hickory!), aluminum (Caminade!), and even carbon fiber (Carlton-in in 1971!), but by the 1990s, steel was almost real. The transformation began. The oversized aluminum tubes produ...
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  • Simon Cowell was injured when his bicycle fell

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Simon Cowell, a British recording industry executive and talent show producer, known for his outspokenness, fell down while testing a new electric bicycle at his Malibu home. A spokesperson said: “He is under observation and in his best condition.”...
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  • Big Event

    We thrive to join the CHINA CYCLE 2019-The 29th China International Bicycle Fair. Welcome to visit our booth: #1 D0107.
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